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Gym Information
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Please use the Contact page to arrange a free induction or just drop in for a chat.

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You can pay for your gym membership subscription by setting up a Direct Debit with Mind & Muscle (Andover) Limited at GOCARDLESS

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Gym Accessibility
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Gym Facilities
  • Two 2.4m racks rated to 600kg
  • Competition Bench Press
  • Pendulum squat plate loaded
  • Air Assault bike x2
  • Concept 2 rower model D
  • Concept 2 rower model E
  • Leg press plate loaded
  • Leg extension pin selected
  • Lying leg curl pin selected
  • Bent over row machine plate loaded
  • Cable machine
  • Lat Pull down pin selected
  • Smith Machine
  • Chest Press pin selected
  • Shoulder press pin selected
  • Seated calf raise pin selected
  • Over 1200kg of plates bumper & cast iron
  • Rubber hex dumbbells 2kg-50kg
  • Top quality olympic bars
  • Safety Squat Bar
  • Hex / trap bar
  • Sissy Squat
  • Chains
  • Plyoboxes
  • Dedicated stretching area
  • Dipping belt
  • Resistance bands
  • Swiss balls
  • Ab roll out
  • Skipping ropes
  • EZ bar
  • Kettlebells